Andy Wilson is a Nashville-Based writer, performer, producer, and Worship Leader Specializing in Children’s and Youth Worship and Engagement.

I’m Andy Wilson and I love Jesus. I also love singing, dancing, writing, producing, and spending time with my family. Raised in a musical home, I studied classical piano from the age of 4, though I was quickly enticed by synthesizers and 4-track recorders. I began composing and recording my own music in middle school and began helping lead worship before I was a teenager. For over 25 years I have led worship for adults, youth, and children alike.

Working with an outreach-oriented, para-church ministry in Nashville, I saw a need for music that would connect better with older kids and youth from a variety of different backgrounds. The genesis of Crosskid Nation was sparked when I re-purposed “In da Club” with scripture. Not only did the kids remember the words and engage, but their parents did as well! I began writing and producing intentional, high-energy, cardio worship songs to help engage the kids’ hearts, minds, souls, and bodies in worship of their Creator and Savior.

My beautiful wife and children serve as my test audience. We love singing, dancing, and worshiping and have been known to throw some fam-dance parties in the living room and studio from time to time!

I hope this music encourages you, your families, and the kids in your ministries to worship Jesus. I pray that Christ would be glorified through the lyrics, music and motion of Crosskid Nation and that years from now, the Holy Spirit may use these songs to remind you of His eternal truth and promises in scripture.

I’d love to get a chance to meet you at some time or feel free to introduce yourself on social media. I’d also love the opportunity to partner with your family or ministry so please contact me, come say hi at an event, or just enjoy a musical dance worship party!

May God bless and keep you,


Photography by Wee Seing.