Why can't I pay for Church Bundles or Church Partner plans monthly?

Great question. Because all content is delivered immediately and families have access to all content from day one, the memberships have to run annually.

Can I get a refund?

Unless something you ordered is defective, I can't give refunds. If you have any problems or are disappointed with anything at anytime (related to Crosskid Nation or just need to vent), please let me know.

Can I cancel a membership or a Church Partner Plan?

Why in the world would you want to do that? My goal is to exceed your expectations. But if you are a super-hard grader and do want to cancel your membership, shoot me an email and I'll take care of it for you after my tears have subsided. And the good news? Even if you cancel, you'll get to finish out your subscription year.

Does your music ever get mixed up with Kanye, Coldplay, Beethoven, or Kenny Chesney?

No. Not to my knowledge.

Can I suggest scriptures for future songs?

ABSOLUTELY! Can't guarantee I'll get to do it based on the number of requests, but I'd love your thoughts! Unless of course you throw out scriptures that relate to Elijah calling out bears from the woods to maul 42 youth (2 Kings 2:24). That'd be a tough song to write . . .but who knows:)!

Do you have motions for any of the songs?

Yes. I haven't compiled motion videos yet, but that is definitely something in the works for 2016. Think of a broadway musical featuring Usher and Mikhaili Baryshnikov performing at the Super Bowl and you will have waaaay overshot what these videos will look like.

Why Crosskid Nation and not Crosskid World?

Good thought. I actually anticipated that question when I launched Crosskid Nation, thinking in particular of our Canadian and Mexican following. It boiled down to Nation just sounding cooler. I was and never will be anywhere bordering "cool" so I thought I could vicariously live through the name.

Do you like dogs or cats better?

Dogs. Simple as that. As long as they don't bite. Cats can't be trusted.

Should I put Crosskid Nation on when putting my kids to sleep?

I recommend it about an hour before bedtime. A family dance party can wear out kids (and adults) and helps kids sleep better. (not a fact, just my theory)

Should I be embarrassed if people are watching my children and I jam to Crosskid Nation at a stop light?

Never ever ever never ever!

What are your air-instruments of choice for car rides?

When I'm driving, I often play the air-drums on the steering wheel. If the song has a particularly catchy beat, i will add a subtle head-bob. If the lyrics inspire me, I'll sing along with fervor. I'm not a hairbrush microphone guy although I respect those who are. I also really enjoy creating harmonies for Disney songs where Ariel or Belle are singing solos.